Insurance Claims for Hurricane Damage

Hurricane damage to your property can become a complex process to assess and document, and may not be sufficiently covered in your insurance policy. Our expert public adjusters will move efficiently to evaluate and document the full scope of your damages and negotiate a maximum claim settlement to get you up and running so your recovery isn’t delayed.
We have unmatched experience in handling claims for hurricane damage, and have the specialists and resources to expedite the insurance claim process.

There are key factors to consider when preparing a claim for hurricane damage, given that you may be dealing with different types of damage, such as windstorm and flood damages, often covered by different insurance policies and handled by different adjusters. Without a proper grasp on this situation and a thorough understanding of your insurance policy, you can be at a disadvantage and not receive what you truly need to recover.

A crucial decision can be to hire a public adjuster immediately to prepare and manage your claim. We level the field when dealing with your insurance company. We guide you and advocate on your behalf as we evaluate and document your damage in detail to negotiate a claim for the maximum amount.

If such a disaster occurs to your property, we are there immediately as trusted advocates working only for you. We lift the burden and level the field when dealing with the insurance claim process and your insurance company. We become fluent in your policy and properly evaluate and document your damage, negotiating your claim for the maximum amount so you can recover sooner.

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Property Damage Losses Claims Recovery Process

Property Damage
Time Element
Life & Safety Issues
Mitigation of Damages
Establish A Preliminary Recovery Plan
Evaluation of Coverages
Valuation Of Damages, Claim Preparation, and Documentation
Negotiations & Settlement
Restoration Of Property & Operations

The Difference Our Public Adjusters Make

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Recover all possible benefits.
Peace of Mind
We can help you get back to your lives, family, and business.
We cover every part in preparing and settling your claim.
A team of experts on your side.
Only rely on the insurance company's assessments.
Peace of Mind
Stress of navigating a complex and unfamiliar process.
Spend hours/days working on your claim.
Going at it all alone.
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Recover all possible