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We build and uphold our reputation every day by successfully managing claims and getting our clients the financial recovery they need to return to their lives sooner. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our services with you and how we can help. As you consider having us work on your behalf, see what some of our clients are saying.
Commercial Testimonials
The insurance company's estimate of damage was woefully inadequate. We retained the Matrix company because we wanted someone on our side. We did not need to worry about communicating with the insurance company or become frustrated by its tactics. I can say without hesitation that our claim would not have been settled for the actual cost of damage caused by the hail storm without the hard work of Matrix representing our side on this claim.
Chris Hanway
Le Chateau Homeowners Association
Your company did the investigation necessary, helped create a comprehensive estimate, and submitted the sworn statement in proof of loss for the claim. The Association Board was well-satisfied and thankful to be made whole in this matter and therefore, would recommend your services to any Association that needs to have an advocate assist them in navigating the insurance claims settlement process.
Christine Herron
Chief Operating Officer
Westwind Management Group, Inc.
Matrix Business Consulting immediately went into action and took control of the situation. A world of options now appeared which our insurance company was not anxious to inform us about. After seeing Matrix in action, the landlord expressed that he wished he had hired them immediately.
Corey and Becky Spagnolo
Spagnolo's Restaurant
Having never been through a large property damage claim before, We knew that we needed a professional on our team to provide guidance and direction and to protect our best interests in the settlement of the claim. Your involvement freed up our time so that we could stay focused on rebuilding our business.
Erin D. Van den Branden
President and CEO
Hoak Media Corporation
Without your help, I doubt that we would have reached a settlement anywhere near what you achieved for us... Your knowledge and interpretation of my rights under the terms of my policy provided hundreds of thousands of dollars of recovery that otherwise may have been lost, while your skilled negotiations afforded me with the flexibility to apply the settlement funds as I chose.
Frank Sinton
Iron Horse Inn, Durango, CO
The proceeds received from my insurance company will allow us to completely remodel the restaurant from the heavy smoke damage caused by our pizza oven vent hood fire...Your professional approach to this claim forced the insurance company to bring in a large loss adjuster, a business personal property expert, industrial hygienist, restoration contractor, and forensic accountant on their (insurance company's) behalf...Our ultimate recovery was more than <strong>five times</em> the original adjuster's estimate...I would be proud to recommend your services in any large insurance claim situation.
Giancarlo Macciarella
Ristorante Locanda Del Borgo
Your expertise in developing a scientific proof that the other was wind damaged clearly demonstrated to the insurance company that both were damaged, and we were paid accordingly.
Ken Blair
Quality Inn of Taos
The only regret I have is that I didn't bring Adjusters International to the party immediately after our loss. If we would have retained you a few days earlier, you could have taken control before the insurance company did so. If you would have been there from the beginning, our insurance carrier would have paid less money, and Diagonal LLC would have had a clear choice to get our tenants back in place in a shorter timeframe. Our recovery was more than double the insurance company's initial assessment.
Larry Burnett
Diagonal Plaza Shopping Center
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