Adjusters International Flood Claim


A flood from a storm or broken pipes can destroy your property, ruin operational systems, and cause mold growth if left unchecked. Cleaning up and restoring your property is a priority, but starting an insurance claim to cover this comes first. Our licensed public adjusters will save you time and handle your flood damage insurance claim to secure a full settlement.

Adjusters International Collapse Claim


Your roof or property just collapsed due to harsh weather or unknown structural issues. As you recenter and think about your family or business, do you also have the time to manage the claims process? Our licensed public adjusters remove this burden and manage the entire process for you. We are experts in every roof and commercial property collapse claim type and secure for you a full and fair settlement.

Adjusters International Earthquake Claim


Losing your home or commercial property to fire can be traumatizing. We understand that you are now focused on taking care of family, customers, and employees and that a complex insurance claim is becoming more of a burden. Our licensed public adjusters will alleviate your stress and manage the entire claims process for you, protecting your interests. We work exclusively for you, not your insurance company.

Hand Holding a Large Hailstone


A hail storm can damage roofs, windows, outdoor equipment, and more, and the full extent may not be detected by your insurance company’s adjuster. Our licensed public adjusters specialize in hail damage claims for all types of properties. We take thorough core samples and use thermal imaging when necessary to prove your hail damage. We save you time by doing it right the first time, while you can focus on your family or business operations.

Adjusters International Wildfire Claim


Since 1988, our public adjusters have been instrumental in helping businesses, commercial property owners, and homeowners recover after the worst wildfires to impact Colorado and the other regions we serve. We understand that quickly starting the insurance claims process after losing something you have worked hard for can be inconvenient, but it is necessary. We will lift the burden and handle it for you.

Adjusters International Tornado Claim


Handling a tornado or windstorm claim requires specific expertise to document and prove all of the damage. We understand that in the aftermath you are comforting your family and team and that the insurance claims process may seem daunting. Our public adjusters will lift that burden. We have unparalleled expertise in tornado and windstorm insurance claims and will handle yours for you.

Adjusters International Business Interruption Claim

Business Interruption

When disaster strikes, not having a well-prepared business interruption insurance claim can make the difference in going out of business. Determining the impact and extent of the interruption can be subjective. Our licensed public adjusters and forensic accountants calculate this part of your losses accurately to remove any doubt from the insurance company.

Adjusters International Construction Claim

Builder's Risk

If a disaster stalls or destroys your construction project, your builder’s risk insurance is meant to protect you, but how can you be certain that both the hard and soft costs of your project will be fully considered by your insurance company? Our licensed public adjusters have the expertise to ensure that all costs are accounted for in the claims process. We work exclusively for you, not your insurance company.

Adjusters International Water Damage Claim

Water Damage

Water damage from a storm or burst pipe can quickly cause extensive damage to your home or business and become a safety hazard if not cleaned and restored promptly. First, you need to start and manage the claims process – on top of mitigating the damage and looking after your family and team. Our public adjusters will handle your water damage insurance claim to save you time and secure a full settlement.

Adjusters International Storm Claim


Has a storm caused major damage to your property? Do you clearly understand what your insurance policy covers and how to file a claim? Your insurance company has its own team of experts to protect its financial exposure to your claim. You can have a team of experts, too. Our licensed public adjusters will protect your interests and handle every step in the storm damage insurance claims process.

Adjusters International Hurricane Claim


If a hurricane damages your property, it is important to know how to identify the difference between damage caused by wind versus water, and other key factors as you prepare your hurricane damage insurance claim. It is your responsibility as the policyholder. The expertise needed may seem overwhelming, which is why our licensed public adjusters can save you time and manage the claim for you.

Adjusters International Earthquake Claim


After earthquake damage, we understand that your first priority is to ensure the safety of your family, customers, and employees. In the meantime, our licensed public adjusters can remove any concern about filing a claim for the damage. Our experts will manage the entire insurance claim process to get you a fair and just settlement for a full recovery.