What Is A Public Adjuster?

A Matrix Public Adjuster Works For You, Not The Insurance Company.

Adjusters International/Matrix Business Consulting Public Adjusters are licensed property damage insurance claim experts who work exclusively for you, the commercial policyholder. When you need to file a commercial property damage insurance claim, our claims adjusters are ready to help you navigate the process and obtain a fair settlement.

Whether it’s a tornado in Kansas City, a commercial fire, or any other natural or man-made disaster, property damage can strike your business at any moment. You may face operational suspensions, business interruption, and a loss of income. Will you have time to balance the needs of your customers with the process of filing a commercial insurance claim? Are you aware of all of the requirements and obligations you’ll have as a property owner that are detailed throughout your policy?

A Matrix Public Adjuster is here to give you the advantage in the insurance claim process.

As property damage insurance claim experts, we serve as your own private insurance adjusters. While you focus on strategically restarting your operations, we’ll help you interpret the details of your insurance policy, determine your coverage, and properly file a full and accurate claim. We document the damages in detail and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to assure that you get a full and fair settlement.

For over 32 years, our experts have helped commercial policyholders across Colorado, Nebraska, and Missouri physically and financially recover from fire damage, frozen pipe damage, wind damage, storm damage, business interruption, and more.

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Public Adjusters for Commercial & Business Owners
We are your trusted advocates in every step of the insurance claim process, there to prepare and negotiate your claim to get you the optimum amount for recovery.

Why You Need A Public Adjuster

When you have to prepare and file a commercial property damage claim, you’ll want a licensed public adjuster with decades of experience in the insurance claim process as your ally. It’s the best way to secure a correct insurance claim settlement.

Commercial insurance policies are complex. They contain widely differing coverage details, policyholder obligations, and claim requirements. As you face processing your claim, your insurance company will have its own insurance adjuster working to limit the company’s financial exposure. Shouldn’t you have your own claims adjuster advocating in your corner?

Matrix Public Adjusters level the playing field. We provide expertise and guidance in what is likely an unfamiliar process. You’ll have the advantage with our leading private insurance adjusters – and our entire team of forensic accountants, content specialists and building estimators – on your side.

Our adjusters work exclusively on your behalf to document, prepare, present, and negotiate your commercial property damage claim or business interruption claim to the fullest extent to obtain the fair settlement that you truly deserve.

Matrix Adjusters Handle The Entire Claims Process
  • We fully review your insurance coverage.
  • We develop a claim strategy.
  • We determine policy compliance issues.
  • We complete detailed valuations of building, equipment, & inventory losses.
  • We formulate business interruption claims.
  • We negotiate on your behalf with your insurance company.
  • We keep you informed every step of the way.
Public Adjusters vs Insurance Adjusters