A Claim Strategy to Elevate Your Business

We are your advocates and claim strategists. We help you use your insurance policy to the best advantage now, when you need it most. As insurance professionals, we understand all areas of your policy, including coverage limitations, restrictions, coinsurance requirements, and options. We meet with you to discuss your business and create the right claims strategy to fit your immediate needs and long-term goals. Our experts stay in constant communication with you and the insurance company as we execute a plan that achieves your priorities.

How We Help Your Specific Industry

Our firm has handled thousands of commercial property damage claims for businesses of all sizes in all industries. This experience gives us unique insight into leveraging your insurance policy to achieve the best settlement possible by:

  • Discussing your business needs and goals.
  • Documenting all damage and the financial impact of business interruptions.
  • Working with your trusted advisors on your claim recovery.
  • Working exclusively for you, not your insurance company.

Types of Claims We Handle

Our licensed public adjusters live in the communities we serve and are experts at preparing property insurance claims for common and rare disasters and explosions. This includes commercial fires, wildfires, tornadoes and windstorms, floods, and business interruptions.

View What Is a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is a property insurance claim professional who is licensed and bonded by your state to level the playing field for commercial policyholders in the claims process.

View The Claims Process

For decades, our team has advocated for thousands of businesses and commercial property owners throughout Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming, managing their property damage, business interruption, and extra expense claims and securing the best settlements possible.

View Services & Fees

Our public adjusting fees are flexible to meet your needs, often being a fixed percentage of the settlement, or based on agreed-upon benchmarks.

View FAQs

Our team will answer any questions you have to help eliminate the stress of navigating the complex insurance process.