Commercial and government properties in Wyoming can suffer a range of disasters from which they may not think they can recover. Our licensed public adjusters think otherwise and work closely with policyholders to use the full benefits of their policy to their advantage. We manage your insurance claim and secure a full and fair settlement.

This Mountain West Subregion Is Vulnerable to the Following Disasters.



The Yellowstone Fire of 1988 nearly destroyed the Old Faithful Complex and the park closed for the first time in history.

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Adjusters International Storm Claim

Business Interruption

A disaster such as a fire or mining shaft collapse can cause an extended delay in operations and income loss, which our forensic accountants will calculate accurately for your claim.

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Flooded Residential Neighborhood


It has been reported that every county in the state has experienced flooding after spring rains, heavy thunderstorms, or winter snow thaws. Ice jams or dam failures may also be the cause.

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Hail on the Ground


As indicated in the National Severe Storms Laboratory, Wyoming is within “hail alley” wherein there is an average of seven to nine hail days per year. Hail may damage your roof system, HVACs, and other necessary equipment without you knowing it.

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Why Should Wyoming Property Owners Hire a Public Adjuster?

The insurance claims process for major property damage and business interruption often requires a team of licensed experts who can dissect your policy, help you understand your options, and thoroughly document your damage in a way that is crystal clear to the insurance company. Otherwise, you may be leaving it to the insurance company’s team, which is working to protect the company’s financial exposure to your claim.

Why Use a Licensed Public Adjuster From Adjusters International/MBC?

Over decades, we have secured millions in settlements for thousands of companies and policyholders in a multitude of industries, including agriculture, energy, government infrastructure, and parks. Our resources and experience place you at an advantage throughout the entire claims process.

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