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Client Testimonials

We build and uphold our reputation every day by successfully managing claims and getting our clients the financial recovery they need to return to their lives sooner. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our services with you and how we can help. As you consider having us work on your behalf, see what some of our clients are saying.
Homeowners Testimonials
As soon as we engaged your company, you were able to cut through the bureaucracy and reach the key decision makers. You kept us informed of each twist and turn of your investigation. Within months of your engagement, we had our check in hand. We felt comforted and confident that our situation was given the prompt attention that was needed. I would recommend your services to any in this situation.
Anthony & Barbara Black
As well as relieving me of the stress of having to respond to the [insurance company's] arguments and demands, you were able to save me valuable time by packaging my complete claim in a format conducive to obtaining a favorable outcome... In just three months we were able to agree to a settlement... that was over 200% more than the amount that [was] first offered to me. Thank you again for all of your help and guidance.
Christine Pearson
Homeowner, Steamboat Springs, CO
[Your public adjuster] was instrumental in retaining the value of our home after the storm. He offered superior service and walked us through each step of the claim process. His assessment of the damage was thorough and far exceeded the assessment of the insurance company, allowing us to fully recover the [hail]storm's damage. He was persistent when dealing with the insurance company and continuously fought for top dollar on our claim, enabling us to use contractors with whom we were comfortable.
Dan & Bridget Katz
Homeowners, Denver, CO
Our payment of fees to your firm for its expertise was money well spent. The return on investment was well worth it. ... After going through the extended insurance claim process, we now know that no one should handle their own claim without the benefit of your expertise. We highly recommend your firm and its services without any hesitation.
Douglas and Diane Kelly
Not only were you thorough and knowledgeable... but you were kind, patient, and understanding. I don´t think we could have completed it without your assistance. ...I am impressed and amazed at your tenacity and your understanding.
James T. Danaher
We want to thank the staff at Matrix Business Consulting, Inc., and especially Scott DeLuise and Gayle Minden for their persistent and professional pursuit of a rightful settlement of our fire damage claim from the Black Forest Fire of June 2013. Throughout the process, Scott kept us informed of what we could realistically expect from our insurance company and how to present our claim to obtain what we were entitled to. He and Gayle worked tirelessly to present our claim in the form that the insurance company would accept. We received much more in monetary reimbursement than we could have hoped for if we had gone without consultation from Matrix.
Linda & Terry Sapp
Hiring [you] to represent us was one of the smartest decisions we made following the loss of our home. ...They made sure our claim was filed on time, the cost estimates were accurate, and that we received the maximum insurance proceeds we were entitled to based upon our policy coverage.... During the days, weeks and months that followed our fire, my wife and I were able to focus on getting our life back in order, replacing our personal items, going back to work, and finding temporary housing for our family while the house was being restored and rebuilt. Because of [you], we had time to focus on the really important things in life, and [you] handled each and every detail of the insurance claim and related issues.
Robert & Mary Ann Abraham
What could have been a depressing and very difficult period of our lives was tremendously alleviated by your company. You took care of our lives during the nine months, relieving us of the pressure of negotiating every line item (of which there were hundreds) with [our insurance company]. This enabled us to lead our lives as normally as possible.