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"After 5 months of seeing no work being done on the building, we started investigating for a new location. In exploring our options we saw that our policy was a complicated web of terms and conditions. Our frustrations filled us with daily anxiety to say the least. A mutual friend had Scott DeLuise call us and suddenly with the help of Scott, everything fell into place. Matrix Business Consulting immediately went into action and took control of the situation. A world of options now appeared which our insurance company was not anxious to inform us about. The feeling of relief was great as we now had a team of professionals fighting for our rights. We could see the many hours of hard work they devoted to our needs. Without a doubt they found cash for us that we would never have known about. When our insurance company balked, they fought back and resolved the issue I cannot imagine going throughthis without the new friends of ours at MATRIX. We are very grateful for all of the work they have done for us. We hope that anyone reading this takes our advice and hires Matrix immediately. You will not be disappointed.

Corey & Becky Spagnolo
Spagnolo's Restaurant - Glenwood Springs, CO

Matrix Business Consulting immediately went into action and took control of the situation. A world of options now appeared which our insurance company was not anxious to inform us about. After seeing Matrix in action, the landlord expressed that he wished he had hired them immediately.

Corey and Becky Spagnolo
Spagnolo's Restaurant

Adjusters International/Matrix Business Consulting holds great standing among property insurance policyholders and the industry as a whole. Those who have been affected by loss and damage have always been able to rely on your groundbreaking standard of recovery assistance. Since its founding, your organization has been able to maintain its roots, while growing to become a powerhouse.

Crisanta Duran
Speaker of the House of Representatives

You and your team have provided invaluable assistance in the College's recovery efforts in response to Tropical Storm Allison in 2001. Your knowledge of the often complex FEMA process, coupled with your insurance industry experience, have been of enormous benefit to us.

Cyndi M. Baily
Deputy General Counsel
Baylor College of Medicine

[Your public adjuster] was instrumental in retaining the value of our home after the storm. He offered superior service and walked us through each step of the claim process. His assessment of the damage was thorough and far exceeded the assessment of the insurance company, allowing us to fully recover the [hail]storm's damage. He was persistent when dealing with the insurance company and continuously fought for top dollar on our claim, enabling us to use contractors with whom we were comfortable.

Dan & Bridget Katz
Homeowners, Denver, CO

On behalf of Fowler Property Management, I would like to thank you both for the outstanding service you have performed on behalf of our company, the HOA, and the individual homeowners adversely affected by the fire at Gold Run Condominiums. There were many twists, turns and potholes in the policy and claims process that, without your expert knowledge, would have been extremely difficult for us to manage. Had we only considered the insurance company's advice on this claim, we would have been caught short by many thousands of dollars.

Dan Fowler
Fowler Property Management

I also want to thank Adjusters International (AI) for the outstanding service that was provided to CORSA and Putnam County after the August 2007 flood. ...The assistance provided by the AI team saved a lot of valuable county staff time in expediting the request for assistance, and their expertise significantly increased the amount of recovery that was received from FEMA. I would recommend the services provided by AI to any entity who is attempting to expedite receiving the maximum public assistance that is available from FEMA after a disaster.

David W. Brooks, CPCU
Managing Director
County Risk Sharing Authority/County Commissioners Association of Ohio

"Most importantly, Apartment & Condominium Concepts Unlimited, Inc. has recovered more insurance money for their clients through the efforts of Adjusters International than we ever would have been able to collect had we tried to adjust the claims ourselves through the Adjusters of the individual insurance carriers. The time which your personnel have spent with my Property Managers in dealing with very sensitive issues has been greatly appreciated."

David W. Phifer
Apartment & Condominium Concepts Unlimited - Denver, CO
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