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Matrix Business Consulting immediately went into action and took control of the situation. A world of options now appeared which our insurance company was not anxious to inform us about. After seeing Matrix in action, the landlord expressed that he wished he had hired them immediately.
Corey and Becky Spagnolo
Spagnolo's Restaurant

Your Situation

Situation 1
You just suffered serious damage to your restaurant/tavern and you are wondering what to do next.
Situation 2
You call your insurance company and wait for an adjuster to come out hoping that they will have your best interests at heart.
Situation 3
You moved from the asset side of your insurance company's ledger to the liability side of their ledger.

How We Can Help

The More You Know, The Better The Results.

  • Settlement We will negotiate the best possible settlement.
  • Peace of Mind We can help you get back to your lives, family, and business sooner.
  • Administration We cover every part in preparing and settling your claim.
  • Team A team of experts on your side.

Factors To Consider

When filing a restaurant insurance claim, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. To help you navigate the process, we have put together several talking points for you to review. Having a full understanding of each of the below bullet points is crucial to documenting, filing, and successfully settling your insurance claim. If any of these questions give you pause, please feel free to reach out to us for a no-cost discussion about your claim.
  • Frequently insurance companies use independent building and equipment consultants on large claims to prepare a bid.
    • Who are these consultants?
    • Who are they working for?
    • Do they only work for insurance companies? Why this should be a red flag.
  • Replacing versus replacing equipment. Pros and cons.
  • How does the smoke and the water used to fight the fire affect your equipment? Your computers and other electronics?
  • Code Upgrade coverage is very important when rebuilding after a fire.
    • How does your coverage address codes?
    • If your coverage is limited, is there anything you can do about it?
  • What happens when the insurance company engages a forensic accountant?
    • What is his/her role?
    • Why can’t you just have your accountant prepare your claim?
    • What is the harm in sharing your financial statements?
    • Are you required to produce your tax returns?
    • Can you recast your financial statements? If so, why?
  • What are the extra expenses? What can be included?
  • How are tips treated? Are they considered continuing payroll?
  • Title 24 and handicap bathrooms, bars, seating and dance floors. What does it mean to you? Your claim?
  • What is your broker or agent’s role?
    • Will he/she be adjusting the claim?
    • How many claims has he/she handled?
    • Will his/her role be active or passive?
    • When faced with supporting your position or the insurance company’s, where will he/she stand?
  • Is there coinsurance in your policy?
    • If there is, what does it mean?
    • If there is, did your insurance adjuster tell you? If not, why not?
    • How is coinsurance calculated on replacement cost? On actual cash value?
    • Properly managing coinsurance can prevent disaster. Not properly managing coinsurance can put you out of business!
  • Temporary locations? What happens at the end of your claim?
  • Hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead can be expensive to address. Make sure your insurance carrier does not cut corners when addressing this issue.
  • Warranties and Protective Safeguard Requirements.
    • What do they mean?
    • What if you are not in full compliance?
    • Can you still collect?
  • What are expediting expenses? How do they differ from extra expenses?
  • How do you project lost sales? Sales declines?
  • You own multiple restaurants in a geographic area and sales go up at other locations as a result of the fire. Does the insurance company get credit?
  • Can you continue to pay your employees?
    • “Ordinary” employees versus “key” employees. How do they get identified? What is covered?

Restaurant / Tavern Client References

  • Acadian Seafood Restaurant - Baton Rouge, LA
  • Americold Corporation - Kansas City, KS
  • Boss Hog Farms - Pierre, SD
  • Broadway Cafe - Fullerton, NE
  • Brott's Western Lanes - Coffeyville, MO
  • C & P Feed & Seed - Brookfield, MO
  • C F Gollott & Son Seafood, Inc. - D'Iberville, MS
  • Cargill, Inc. - Caracas, Venezuela
  • Cavaleri's Italian Restaurant - Englewood, CO
  • Cecil Whitaker"s Pizza - St. Louis, MO
  • Char's Flower Shop - Auburn, IL
  • Coamo Springs Golf & Tennis Club, Puerto Rico
  • Coffee Cup Cafe - Cheyenne, WY
  • Crawford Livestock - Chadron, NE
  • Dairy Queen Enterprises, Inc. - St. Louis, MO
  • Daniella's Courtyard Restaurant - Philipsburg, Kingdom of the Netherlands, St. Maarten
  • Delta Potato Growers Association - Delta, CO
  • Discovery Farm - Elizabeth, CO
  • Do Drop In - Houston, MO
  • Eileen’s, Inc. - Hutchinson, KS
  • El Rancho Restaurant - Golden, CO
  • El Toro Restaurant - Wayne, NE
  • Elite Genetics LLC - Burrton, KS
  • Forrest Meat Processing - Norwood, MO
  • Fountain Teen Center - Fountain, CO
  • Gashouse Restaurant - Edwards, CO
  • Glen Echo - Bellvue, CO
  • Gore Creek Grill - Vail, CO
  • Hamden West Nursery - Lakewood, CO
  • Iowa Health Systems - Des Moines, IA
  • Iowa Lutheran Hospital - Des Moines, IA
  • Iowa Methodist Medical Center - Des Moines, IA
  • Iowa Paint Manufacturing Inc. - Des Moines, IA
  • Iron Horse Grill - Jackson, MS
  • JRA Investment Corp. - Elkhorn, NE
  • Julie's Place Restaurant - Little Rock, AR
  • La Tropicana Restaurant - Lawrence, KS
  • Lagrangae Beach Club - St. Croix, US Virgin Islands
  • Lantis Enterprises, Inc. - Spearfish, SD
  • LaTropicana Restaurant - Lawrence, KS
  • Mackenzie’s Red Hook - Red Hook, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
  • Marico, Inc. - St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
  • Marvin E. Ryan dba Ryan & Ryan Farms - Delta, CO
  • Meredith Corporation - Des Moines, IA
  • Metz Baking Company - Sioux City, IA
  • Michael's Ice Cream Shop - Salida, CO
  • Moorman Manufacturing Co. - Quincy, IL
  • MPM Restaurant, Inc. - Kansas City, MO
  • Noel Bakhit Horse Arena - Bennington, NE
  • Parrot Jungle - Miami, FL
  • Payless Cashways Inc. - Albuquerque, NM
  • Payless Cashways, Inc. - Elwood, KS
  • Peking Palace Chinese Restaurant - Santa Fe, NM
  • PharmTech dba Triple S Seed - Des Moines, IA
  • Quartz Mountain State Resort - Lone Wolf, OK
  • Quincy Soybean - Quincy, IL
  • Reggae Cafe - Philipsburg, Kingdom of the Netherlands, St. Maarten
  • Restaurants Unlimited - Warrenton, MO
  • Riverwalk Steak House - Alton, IL
  • Ruiz Mexican Restaurant - Florissant, MO
  • Sabetha Lanes & Lounge Inc. - Sabetha, KS
  • Sambuca Restaurant - Philipsburg, Kingdom of the Netherlands, St. Maarten
  • Samplers - Hutchinson, KS
  • Sandy's Restaurant - Colorado Springs, CO
  • Shepherd Of The Hills - Branson, MO
  • Signature Gardens Ltd. - Miami, FL
  • Smoke Pit Restaurant - Kansas City, MO
  • Sorrel Ridge, LLC - Ken Caryl Ranch, CO
  • SPC Espacial Inc. - Miami, FL
  • Sunrise Club, Inc. - Miami, FL
  • Sunset Unlimited, Inc. - St. Croix, US Virgin Islands
  • Three Irish Lads, Inc. - St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
  • Tickles Deckside Pub - St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
  • Triple G Farms - Webster City, IA
  • Uncle Buck's Restaurant - Warrenton, MO
  • Upper Crust Restaurant - St. Louis, MO
  • The View - Gulf Shore, AL
  • View Point Farms - Bennington, NE
  • Vola's Restaurant - Santa Fe, NM
  • Wamego Floral Co. - Wamego, KS
  • Western Valley Processing Co. - Scottsbluff, NE

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