If your commercial property is damaged by a fire, flood, hail, or another catastrophic event, our public adjusters will handle every step of your insurance claim. The insurance company will have a team of professionals protecting its interests in your claim. Our public adjusters protect yours. We document the damage in detail, present the claim on time, and negotiate a full and fair settlement.

What Kind of Disasters Damage Colorado Springs Properties?



For decades, our team has been involved in every major wildfire in the Rockies, including the Marshall fire, when 100-mph winds spread the fire quickly through residential areas. Colorado Springs is just as vulnerable, as seen with the Waldo Canyon fire, Royal Gorge fire, and Black Forest fire.

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Flooded Commercial Buildings


Wildfires can leave the mountainside barren without the trees and shrubs to help soak up rainfall. Heavy rains can rush down slopes towards valley towns like Green Mountain Falls and Manitou Springs. Flash floods have also been recorded down U.S. 24 through Ute Pass.

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Tornado Approaching a Residence


Our city has suffered hurricane winds in some instances, like in 2017 with gusts of 101 mph and 99 mph as recorded at Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station and Manitou Springs. During a windstorm, operational equipment can topple over, roofs may be ripped off, and uprooted trees can strike your commercial real estate.

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Adjusters International Storm Claim

Winter Storm Damage

Colorado suffered a bomb cyclone in 2019 – when the barometric pressure dropped more than 24 millibars within 24 hours – causing power outages. Such an event can freeze and burst pipes and interfere with business operations.

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Hail on the Ground


More than $350 million in claims were made for damaged property after a 2016 hail bomb in Colorado Springs.

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Why Should Colorado Springs Property Owners Hire a Public Adjuster for Claims?

A variety of natural disasters happen in the Colorado Springs area. A property owner should have a public adjuster in their phone’s contacts to proactively review insurance coverage and, in the event of a disaster, to start the claims process right away. Otherwise, handling a claim alone may take away time that could be spent by the policyholder focusing on maintaining their business and tending to their family.

Why Use a Licensed Public Adjuster From Adjusters International/MBC?

We have decades of experience handling many major property damage claims after disasters specific to Colorado Springs. We are local with extensive resources and know the insurance companies in the area. Our professionalism, transparency, and track record consistently secure full and fair settlements for policyholders in Colorado Springs.

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