Disaster Recovery Checklist

September marks the end of summer and time for the kids to go back to school — but did you know that September is also National Preparedness Month?

Now is the time to create a disaster recovery checklist for your business. Why take the time? A fire, flood, vandalism, or some other disaster can strike your property at any time and stall your operations! You can prevent major damage by having a checklist in-hand to help prepare for unexpected disasters.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Property

Evaluate your property and identify any possible hazards — assess old heating or cooling systems, faulty doors or windows, areas where there could be possible leaks, and the condition of your roof. You can deploy professionals to help evaluate and fix issues if any exist.

As part of your thorough risk assessment, check network security and ensure proper file back-up systems are in place to mitigate risks from hacking, vandalism, and theft. Make sure business records, property records, maintenance records, and communications systems are backed up off site so you can immediately retrieve key client information, financial documents, sales histories, and more.

Step 2: Take Photographs of Your Property

Take new photos every year, or after any alterations to the property. It is as simple as using your smartphone to snap photos or record video walkthroughs. Adjusters depend on photos and video to prove the extent and value of the damages to your property, equipment, and possessions if disaster strikes.

Step 3: Check Emergency Supplies

How many first aid kits are on the property? How many fire extinguishers and flashlights? Also, are the fire alarms low on batteries?Create a list of emergency supplies you need and then get them. Make sure your team knows where to find the supplies for quick action to limit property damage and even save lives.

Step 4: Make a Plan of Action

Just as your team will know where to find emergency supplies, make sure they know where the common meeting point is if there is damage to your building or grounds. Everyone’s safety is the first priority. Practice drills for fire, shelter-in-place (for extreme weather events), and lockdown (for acts of violence) at least one or two times a year.

Be sure to provide master keys to designated people on your team to ensure access to all areas of the property. It’s important to routinely unplug outlets, set thermostats, and set security systems.

Lastly, make sure your team has an updated list of emergency contact phone numbers and a priority of who to call depending on different disaster scenarios.

Outlining these steps and reviewing them regularly with your employees is a necessary process to prevent losses and ensure you’re prepared if disaster strikes.

Keep AI/MBC In Your Back Pocket

National Preparedness Month does not stop after September. Part of being prepared is having a trusted advisor who has your best interests in mind — a property insurance professional to interact with your carrier and coordinate your property damage claim management team.

That is what we do. Our Colorado public adjusters at Adjusters International/MBC handle every step of the property insurance claims process for you. We thoroughly document the damage, help you understand your policy and options, calculate, and present the business interruption damages, and negotiate with your insurance company for a full and fair settlement.

We’re here for you. Schedule an appointment or call us today to protect your business.