Every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm, we are hosting Wildfire Insurance Recovery Webinars for the community. The meetings will be 30-minute presentations, followed by Q&A. They will be strictly focused on education - our professionals’ takeaways and experiences and how those experiences can benefit homeowners and business owners impacted by the current disaster. We believe that it is important for anyone who goes through a fire should be well educated when making important decisions. 

Each Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 PM
(Full list of dates below)

What Will be Discussed:
New topics each week, including:

  • How am I going to handle my claim? On my own? Or with representation?
  • Who should represent me in the process? How do I decide?
  • Housing: what am I entitled to? Can I negotiate? Can I get paid an allowance?
  • How do I prepare a building estimate? What do I need to do? Should I let the insurance company do it for me?
  • This is a marathon not a sprint. What is best for my family? What is best for my financial recovery? What options available to me?
  • Decisions impacting my future: Do I rebuild? Do I buy elsewhere? Do I downsize? How do I assure I get everything I am entitled to?

Who Will Be There:
Prepared and presented by the leading public adjusting firm in the Rockies, Adjusters International/MBC. Led by adjusters who only represent homeowners and business owners - never insurance companies - with over 75 years of experience changing people’s lives. Our team has been involved in every major wildfire in the last 30 years from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

Presentations are approximately 30 minutes with Q&A following. This is not a sales presentation.


Workshop 1
Tuesday, Jan. 18th & Thursday, Jan. 20th - 6:30 PM

Workshop 2
Tuesday, Jan. 25th & Thursday, Jan. 27th - 6:30 PM

Workshop 3
Tuesday, Feb. 1st & Thursday, Feb. 3rd - 6:30 PM

Workshop 4
Tuesday, Feb. 8th & Thursday, Feb. 10th - 6:30 PM