Scott deLuise, CEO of AI-MBC and son, Kalon deLuise, COO of AI-MBC were recently interviewed by the Business Aviation Insider, the official magazine of NBAA. The article entitled “Faster Than the Competition: Adjusters International Matrix Business Consulting uses an airplane to reach customers quickly after an insurance loss” highlights Scott’s foresight into understanding how to best serve and reach insurance policyholders who have been impact by a disaster in a timely manner – by personal airplane.

AI-MBC  was founded in 1988 by Scott and Jan deLuise to assist policyholders in preparing, filing and adjusting their insurance claims. Their lean, highly experienced and tight-knit team combines complementary backgrounds in real estate, accounting, law and property restoration. Their public adjusters are licensed nationally and are members of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, Rocky Mountain Association of Public Adjusters, National Association of Realtors and the Better Business Bureau. The company culture is collaborative, and their network of appraisers, estimators, inventory specialists and structural engineers provide an unparalleled scope of service.

*Photo Credit: Morgan Anderson Photography