As a Colorado business owner, you understand that hailstorms can happen no matter the elevation, and while they happen most frequently in June it is not uncommon to expect them anytime from March to October. Hailstorms not only create hazardous conditions, but they can also cause a lot of damage to your commercial property.

You could be having a normal day when all of a sudden you get a weather alert instructing you to seek shelter from an imminent hailstorm! Thanks to the alert, you are safe – but what about your property?

Inspect your property thoroughly

Once the storm has passed, you will want to assess what damage your property has sustained. Keep in mind, hail damage can sometimes be difficult to spot. You should look for:

  • Dimples, dings, and dents in your building’s exterior
  • Cracks, leaking and possible water damage on your building’s ceiling and roof inside
  • Any roofing or siding materials that might have broken off and landed in the surrounding area
  • Damage to any other exterior components of your building like AC units, awnings, fans, ducts, windows, etc.

Schedule an Inspection

If you notice any of the above damage following a hailstorm you will want to schedule a professional inspection. This can be done by someone like a contractor or an insurance appraiser. You will also want to take detailed photos of the damage (showing the scale of damage if possible). Then, if needed make temporary repairs like covering any holes to prevent water leakage with a tarp or patch, as it is the property owner’s responsibility to mitigate any further damage after a storm. You should file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible.

Review Your Insurance Coverage

If your business sustains hail damage you need to file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. Be prepared in advance of filing your insurance claim by taking thorough photos of the damage and have a good understanding of what your insurance coverage offers you.

Get a Second Opinion

A standard commercial insurance policy is unlikely to provide the full settlement needed to repair the damage following a disaster like a hailstorm. Your insurance company should inspect the damage, review your coverage and offer you a settlement based on those factors. But is it enough to cover all the damages, including any that may not be apparent at first? Very possibly not! That is why you need help from a public adjuster as soon as you notice any property damage.

The team of professionals at Adjusters International/MBC have your best interests in mind from the beginning. We are equipped to evaluate all damage caused to your property and quickly negotiate a full settlement on your behalf. With our team by your side, you will get your property back to better than before. Reach out to us today for help with your hail damage claim.