When your property is been damaged by a wildfire, what should you do next?

For those affected by the recent wildfires in Colorado, we have gathered resources to aid in the beginning of the insurance claims process. We currently have teams in place available to assist those affected and we’re happy to speak with you at no obligation. To find out how we can help, give us a call at 888.321.5200, email us or fill out the form at the bottom of this page for more information. 


Personal Property Assistance

How We Can Help


Our Wildfire Claims Experience

  • Lefthand Canyon Fire, 2020
  • Cal-Wood Fire 2020
  • East Troublesome Fire, 2020
  • Middle Fork Fire, 2020
  • Mullen Fire, 2020
  • Lewstone Fire, 2020
  • Williams Fork Fire, 2020
  • Cameron Peak Fire, 2020
  • Junkins Fire, 2016
  • Black Forest Fire, 2013
  • Waldo Canyon Fire, 2012
  • High Park Fire, 2012
  • Fourmile Canyon Fire, 2010
  • Missionary Ridge Fire, 2002
  • Hayman Fire, 2002
  • Hi Meadow Fire, 2000
  • Buffalo Creek Fire, 1996

Matrix was founded in 1988 by Scott and Jan deLuise to assist policyholders in preparing, filing and adjusting their insurance claims. Their lean, highly experienced and tight-knit team combines complementary backgrounds in real estate, accounting, law and property restoration. Their public adjusters are licensed nationally and are members of the National Association of Public Insurance AdjustersRocky Mountain Association of Public AdjustersNational Association of Realtors and the Better Business Bureau. The company culture is collaborative, and their network of appraisers, estimators, inventory specialists and structural engineers provide an unparalleled scope of service.