iStock_000002102627MediumWith much of the South and Mid-western U.S. bracing for Tropical Storm Bill to hit landfall today, home and business owners are preparing for the worst. Meteorologists are predicting that the storm will bring upwards of 10 inches of rain throughout Texas, Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma and may cause major flooding throughout the region. As much as insureds may be concerned about their houses and offices, getting their families and employees to safety should be their first priority.

In order to help the people in affected areas to prepare, we have compiled the following links to important safety and insurance information:

Safety Resources

Floods can and do cause millions of dollars in property damage each year. According to FEMA’s statistics, more than $9,000,000 in NFIP flood claim dollars were paid in 2012 alone. Carl Gross, Vice President and Chief Administration Officer at Globe Midwest/Adjusters International which serves states throughout the Midwest, cautions that the unpredictability of these storms is what makes them so dangerous.


We will have no idea about the extent of the damage until after it passes so I always recommend that residents and business owners prepare for the worst in these situations. When storms such as this one hit, almost every homeowner affected files insurance claims immediately following the event. This means that insurance company adjusters are inundated with claims, phone calls and questions. It is especially important to be persistent and to keep detailed notes concerning everyone you speak to and what you are told by the insurance company.

Carl Gross, VP and Chief Administration Officer

Property Damage Resources