Scott deLuise, President and CEO at Adjusters International/Matrix Business Consulting and Todd Thomas, Executive Director of Consulting Services at Adjusters International co-wrote an article for the April 2017 issue of the Property Management Quarterly edition of the Colorado Real Estate Journal.

This informative piece defines the different roles in the insurance procurement and claims processes as they relate to property management:

  • The role of insurance agents/brokers,
  • the responsibility of procurement (purchasing) of the insurance policy from the insurance agent or broker, and
  • the insured’s responsibilities.
In Colorado, the courts have been active in establishing the role of an insurance producer [aka insurance agents/brokers]. Please note that absent “special circumstances”, an insurance producer has no legal duty to counsel you – the insured or insur­ance buyer – as to specific matters regarding insurance coverage, valua­tions of property or adequacy of cov­erage. If you need qualified indepen­dent counsel, engage an attorney or member of the Society of Risk Man­agement Consultants to assist you.

Understanding the various roles and responsibilities of major players is crucial for policyholders in the claims process. Property damage claims can be confusing and overwhelming, especially for those who are not familiar with insurance industry jargon and laws. Seeking assistance from a public adjuster can ease the burden of proving and substantiating a claim as they offer many services and assistance to policyholders.