Hail Storm Damage Denver ColoradoThis summer season has brought no shortage of inclement weather including severe hail storms to the city of Denver, and the state of Colorado. Residents have experienced property damage to their homes, businesses, and automobiles as a result, and they were not the only ones. With hail falling as large as 2.5 inches in diameter, at least two dozen police cars were severely damaged, puncturing their windshields, and thus deemed unusable by the departments. Airports were also affected; the terminal at the Colorado Springs airport sustained at least $500,000 in damage, among others. Colorado is only second to Texas for having the most hail loss claims from 2013-2015 with over 182,500 claims in just two years.

Tips for property owners in the aftermath of a hailstorm:

1.) Contact your insurance company immediately

  • As the insured, you are responsible for filing your insurance claim.

2.) Document the damage to your property

  • Photograph and/or video the affected areas and contents
  • Keep receipts of any repairs or emergency expenses you make in the interim of the claims process.

3.) Research credentials of all professionals before hiring

  • With large hail storms like this come countless roofing companies that may or not be legitimate, promising fast and cheap repairs. Be wary of these roofers that show up on your doorstep and be sure to check with your Better Business Bureau or recommended local contractor lists before signing any contracts or putting down any deposits. As the old adage says if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Take a listen to our podcast discussing how "Hail Damage Can Create Difficult Insurance Claims":

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