If your business or home in Missouri is hit with property damage, it is your responsibility to begin the insurance claims process and secure a proper settlement. Do you know where to start? Are you comfortable relying on the insurance company’s experts to get you every dollar you deserve?

Luckily, you have the right to hire an outside expert – a public adjuster – who specializes in property damage insurance claims in Missouri. They level the playing field when negotiating with the insurance company. A public adjuster will manage your claim and negotiate a full settlement on your behalf.

Adjusters International/MBC is the premier provider of public adjusting services for policyholders across the state — in Kansas City, Independence, Lee’s Summit, Joplin, and elsewhere. No matter the type of disaster, our insurance claim management services can meet your needs and secure the settlement you deserve.

What Kind of Disasters Cause Major Property Damage in Missouri?

Adjusters International Commercial Fire Claim


Regardless of the cause — like faulty wiring or human error — having a public adjuster on speed dial is essential to begin the claims process immediately in case you suffer fire damage. Our team is located close to Kansas City, Independence, Lee’s Summit, and Joplin, and we are ready to act on your behalf.

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Hail on the Ground


Hail can puncture operational equipment, rooftops, and other parts of your property. The damage may be hidden to the naked eye but can lead to bigger problems down the line. For example, a crack in a rooftop can lead to water damage after the next rainfall — and how many rainfalls will it take to notice the increasing damage?

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Tornado Approaching a Residence


When is tornado season in Missouri? Check the Missouri tornado map and research prior tornado seasons Missouri property owners suffered. You will see that Kansas City sits near the epicenter of Tornado Alley. Joplin is also highly exposed. Take precautions now by connecting with a licensed public adjuster.

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Burst Water Pipe

Water Damage

A Kansas City winter can freeze and burst your pipes or cause power outages that may interrupt your business operations. Prior to a major winter storm, Kansas City property owners and policyholders statewide should review their insurance policy and see how they are covered.

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Flooded Residential Neighborhood


Flood insurance is usually separate from your commercial policy or homeowner’s insurance policy. Since Kansas City flooding — and flooding in Missouri in general — is common, it is wise to get a policy that covers the water damage that may impact your property during a flood.

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Why Should Missouri Property Owners Hire a Public Adjuster for Property Damage Claims?

Firstly, what does an adjuster do? If it is a public adjuster, they work only for you and handle every step of your claim. They document your damage accurately and interact with the insurance company and its adjusters to make sure nothing is overlooked and save you time and stress. This public adjuster then negotiates on your behalf for a full and fair settlement from the insurance company.

Why Use a Licensed Public Adjuster From Adjusters International/MBC?

Our firm has over 25 years of experience securing millions in settlements for thousands of business owners and homeowners across Missouri in Kansas City, Independence, Lee’s Summit, and Joplin. Also, we have more Certified Professional Public Adjusters (CPPAs) and Senior Professional Public Adjusters (SPPAs) than any other public adjusting firm in the United States. Our extensive resources and proven track record make us the reliable resource for property insurance claim management in Missouri.

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